Feeling Blissful Reiki Sessions

What is Blissful Reiki?

Blissful Reiki sessions are ideal to help reduce stress, relax and find mental clarity. Each session is designed to make you feel fulfilled, happy, loved and connected. You will uncover your desires, feel empowered to take steps towards your goals and achieve your dreams.

Receiving Reiki is a wonderfully passive experience. You don’t need to try to relax, just let the Reiki relax you. Your state will shift quite naturally as the session proceeds. Meanwhile feel free to daydream, enjoy the music, or simply observe your breath or the sensations of the therapy.

By the end of a session, you will feel relaxation and release throughout your back, shoulders and neck; areas that tend to store stagnant energy and feel stiff. You will also feel a sense of balance and peace after the unblocking of your chakras.

Reiki works to access your underlying needs as well as your surface needs.

……How does this happen?

During a Reiki treatment, your mental chatter lessens. Once your mind quietens down you connect deeply with your inner wisdom and your underlying need becomes clear. Your certainty grows around which relationship to continue or end, which job to accept or reject or which form of exercise to pursue.

The mental clarity, connection to yourself and something greater than yourself that you’re a part of, and the numerous health benefits that Reiki creates meets a variety of your fundamental needs, all leading on you the path to inner bliss.

How can Blissful Reiki help you?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

You’re super busy and neglecting your self care, yet you know how important it is to you and your relationships.

You find yourself stuck in a negative mind set and want to connect to a deeper more confident version of yourself.

You’re sick and tired of feeling low in energy and want to get out of your slump and vibrate at a higher state.

You need some serious relaxation before you burnout.

Your anxiety is getting out of control, making you worry all the time and interfering with your daily life.

You want to become healthier and happier to live life the best you can.

Feeling Blissful Reiki may help you…

  • Feel more relaxed and at peace
  • Cope with difficult situations
  • Spiritually heal and grow
  • To relieve emotional stresses and strains
  • Remove the negative energy blockages that stand in your way of achieving the abundance, friends, love, health, peace, prosperity and spiritual growth that you deserve to achieve
  • To heal your past by releasing your burdens and the trapped negative energy associated with them, helping you become more balanced and emotionally stronger

How many sessions should I receive?

Depending on why you make time for a Reiki treatment you may need one session or a series of sessions. Four sessions is a traditional recommendation and gives you time to evaluate what benefits you are receiving. Allowing at least a week in between each of your Reiki treatments creates space for you to consciously and subconsciously process the treatment. Reiki continues to work through you after the treatment session. The beneficial effects of the treatment continue to integrate into your being days after your session.

Receiving regular Reiki treatments is an excellent form of self-care and helps you to maintain holistic balance.

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Booking a Blissful Reiki Session

Each Blissful Reiki Session lasts around 45 minutes.

45 minute session = £30

If you would like to book a session, please fill out the form below. If you would like to book a session outside of normal hours, please use the contact us page to get in touch, and we will try our best to accommodate you. Please book at least 48 hours before your requested session time.